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The Brain Dynamics Laboratory (BDL) at Louisiana Tech University was transferred from Arizona State University (ASU) in July 2012. (The Lab was first established at Arizona State University in 2000). It is a research (recording and computational) facility for investigations in the dynamics of electrical and magnetic signals from the surface and interior of the human and animal brain. The computational algorithms used toward this goal include conventional (e.g. ARMA and linear filters, principal components, time-frequency and wavelet transforms), as well as innovative (nonlinear modeling, nonlinear measures of stability and complexity) signal processing techniques and software. The Lab also is used as a resource in the teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in biomedical signal processing. MatLab and its signal processing and control toolboxes, Mathematica, MathCad, Labview, C/C++, Fortran are among the programming languages we use concurrently with other commercially available software (e.g. SAS). The Lab has so far been particularly successful in the detection, prediction and control of epileptic seizures, epileptogenic focus localization, as well as in the development of novel measures of nonlinear dynamics to quantify functional interactions and estimate the information transfer among brain sites and structures.