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Other Biodynamical Disorder

Brain dynamical disorders other than epilepsy exist and may also be characterized by intermittent neurophysiologic transitions from normal to abnormal states (e.g. narcolepsy, migraine, anesthesia). Catastrophic cardiovascular transitions (e.g. strokes, heart attacks) also exist. Every year about 1.1 million Americans suffer a heart attack, about 460,000 of these heart attacks are fatal. EEG data from the former disorders will be sought and analyzed dynamically (collaboration with BNI and UA). The latter disorder will be analyzed in collaboration with Dr. Sweeney of our Department and his pig models. In both investigations the overall goal will be to explore the utility of similar approaches to the ones I have used in epilepsy, to further characterize and understand the dynamical mechanisms underlying these disorders, and to develop and test novel approaches in the diagnostic, prediction and treatment (intervention / control) domain.