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Dr. Leonidas Iasemidis

Professor and the Rhodes Eminent Scholar Chair

Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science (CBERS)

Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers (AIMBE)

Senior Member of IEEE

Associate Editor of the Annals of Biomedical Engineering

Chair of the Awards Committee, IEEE TC on Biomedical Signal Processing


The Brain Dynamics Lab, Founder and Director

The EEG Lab, Founder and Director

Biomedical Engineering Program

College of Engineering and Science

Louisiana Tech University

Email : leonidas [at] latech [dot] edu

SKYPE: liasemi


Webpage :
Office: (318) 965-5232
Fax: (318) 257-4000

Curriculum vitae

Research Interest

Design and implement novel methodology and advanced signal processing techniques to monitor, process and model the electrical and magnetic activity recorded from the brain for the purpose of diagnosis, differential diagnosis, evaluation of treatment, timely warning and intervention to avert catastrophic state transitions like epileptic seizures. The secondary goal is to interface the developed products with existing devices in biomedical industry used for monitoring and real-time treatment of the respective disorders, diseases and emergencies, for example, vagus nerve stimulators (VNS), deep brain stimulators (DBS), transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS) and/or other neuromodulation devices based on timely in situ cooling of the brain or in situ administration of medication.



  1. Graduate Biomedical Instrumentation (BIEN 510, Winter 2013, Louisiana Tech University)
  2. Biomedical Signals and Systems (BIEN 225, Fall 2013, Louisiana Tech University)
  3. Applications of Information Theory to the Analysis of Biomedical Signals (BIEN 557, Spring 2013, Louisiana Tech University)
  4. Fundamentals of Applied Neural Control via Bioelectromagnetism (BME 524, Spring 2011, Arizona State University)
  5. The ASU experience (ASU101, Fall 2009, Arizona State University)
  6. Microcomputer Applications in Bioengineering (BME370, Spring 2009, Arizona State University)
  7. Computational Neuroscience (BME598, Spring 2008, Spring 2010, Arizona State University)
  8. Scientific Communication (BME598, Fall 2007, Arizona State University)
  9. Bioengineering Transport Phenomena, Fluids (BME331, Fall 2005, Arizona State University)
  10. Introduction to Engineering Design (BME 100, Fall 2007; Arizona State University)
  11. Biodynamics (BME598P, Fall 2001; Fall 2002, Arizona State University)
  12. Advanced Physiology for Bioengineers (BME 598E/494, Spring 2001 to 2005; 5 times), Arizona State University)
  13. Advanced Neural Signal Analysis and Processing (BME598A, Spring 2001, Arizona State University)
  14. Intro to Signals and Systems for Bioengineers (BME350; 2002-2010; 9 times, Lectures and Lab, Arizona State University)
  15. Intro to Bioengineering (ECE 100, Fall 2003; Arizona State University)
  16. Basic Neurophysiology, Modeling of Neuron, CNS (University of Florida)
  17. Intra-operative Monitoring of Evoked Potentials, Evoked Responses and Biomedical Instrumentation (Neurology Service, VA Medical Center, University of Florida)
  18. Lectures on Brain Dynamics and Signal Processing of the EEG (University of Florida)
  19. Biomedical Instrumentation and Design, Ad Hoc Lectures and laboratory (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  20. Basic and Advanced Digital Signal Processing courses, Ad Hoc Lectures (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)