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Bharat Kumar Reddy Karumuri

Ph.D (Ongoing)

Biomedical Engineering

Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science (CBERS)

College of Engineering and Science

Louisiana Tech University

Email :bkk005[at]latech[dot]edu

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Research Interest

Dynamic analysis of brainwaves using Lyapunov exponents as a measure in digital signal processing to characterize the chaotic behavior, and develop algorithms for seizure prediction that work with high efficiency and accuracy. The secondary goal is to use the prediction algorithms and develop a dependent technology to help doctors improve their efficiency in seizure prediction.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

C. Joshi, B. Karumuri, J. J. Newman, and M. A. Decoster, “Current microscopy contributions to advances in science and technology,” 5th ed., A. Mendez-Vilas, Ed. Formatex Research Center, 2012, pp. 756–762.

Conference Papers

[1] S.M. Rudrashetty, A. Pyakurel, R. Lui, B.K. Karumuri, I. Vlachos, L.D. Iasemidis, “Quantitative Analysis For Differentiation Of Sleep Disorders,” SBEC.2014.

[2] Bharat K Karumuri, Chaitanya R. Joshi, Jamie Newman, Mark DeCoster; “Apoptosis reversal assessment in cancerous and normal brain glial cells using image analysis and biochemical assays,” Neuroscience, 2012.

[3] Charuta Agashe, Manish Pawar, Bharat K Karumuri, Mark DeCoster, Jamie Newman, Kinsey Cotton, James McNamara; “Glutamate and anticancer drug effects on growth of 3D brain spheroids,” Neuroscience, 2012..

[4] M. A. DeCoster, K. Cotton, B. Karumuri, H. Alshakhouri, J. Lopez, and J. McNamara; “Modulation of apoptosis and cell growth in brain tumor glia and normal astrocytes by excitatory and inflammatory stimuli,” Nuroscience, 2010.

[5] K. Cotton, B. Karumuri, C. Agashe, M. Pawar, J. McNamara, S. Kanakamedala, M. A. DeCoster; “Glutamate Effects on 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Brain Tumor Cell Cultures,” ASCB, 2011.